Putting insight into action.


You know you need the business edge and transformational applications data science can provide—but what is the first step?

Most organizations will find it difficult to write a job description, let alone hire or engage a data scientist. Rather than go it alone, you can take definitive action by partnering with RDSC.

We measure success by our ability to help your business or organization apply practical data-science based solutions that result in your ability to create and sustain value, predict and improve outcomes, and inform and support real-time decision making.

How do we do it?

The short answer is that we do it in the way that best suits your business need. Whether than means full engagement of Data Science as a Service (DSaS), or side by side assistance navigating the intricacies of advanced analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Our goal is your success, engineered in a way that complements and addresses your most critical business needs.

Data. Insight. Action.

On the road
to data

Here’s a shortcut.


with your data, and a desire to transform your business or organization.


with the region’s most advanced infrastructure for rapid deployment and development of data- and model-driven solutions.


to the people, partners, tools and technologies you need to harness the power of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


at a new business reality, where you’ll monetize the information, insights and value hidden in the data you already have—or gain access to new data you may not know exists.

Our process is custom
to fit your unique challenge.

We start by meeting to learn more about your specific opportunity area and understand your goals. In most cases, we can apply our general knowledge or domain expertise to quickly tailor and outline an effective approach to meet your needs.

The RDSC is designed to work at the speed of our industry partners. We break down barriers to success by providing accelerated access to data science experts who are 100% committed to RDSC projects without the pulls of traditional academic obligations. With access to research, computing resources and a diverse pool of subject matter experts, we are ready to partner with you to create needs-specific data solutions as quickly possible.