Not Another Data Chat

Put on by

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce


January 31
7:30am – 9:15am


Harter Secrest & Emery LLP – 13th Floor
1600 Bausch and Lomb Pl,
Rochester, NY 14604


Complimentary for members,
$50 non-members

Sponsored by


Biz Exchange
Professional Development Series

Data driven insight and the strategies if fuels can change the way a company does business, make us more efficient when shopping at Wegmans, and most importantly help us all determine a course of action we can feel confident in. We invite you to learn more from Rochesterians who are at the forefront of applying data and insight to the business and consumer landscape for brands like Dove, PGA of America, Monro Muffler, and Barilla (yes, the pasta).

This event will feature:

  • Real world applications of how data driven insight is changing the game for businesses and at home.
  • Current technologies and what’s coming next.
  • Perspectives on how data and analytics will shape the future of work and play.
  • A panel discussion driven by ausience questions.